mb101: "Dynamics of the Touring Talent industry"

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Posted by Mission Control on 04/14/02 - 18:04:29
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You must bear some personal grudge against the band's manager, otherwise you would have researched the factors governing this situation, on a wee planet named: REALITY!!!

Take the pipe out of your mouth & pay attention:
PHIL LESH & FRIENDS are doing several shows with THE ALLMAN BROS. BAND, correct?  CORRECT!  LITTLE FEAT & BRUCE HORNSBY opened to Colorado band, STRING CHEESE INCIDENT 18 months ago, right?  RIGHT!

I personally find no musical validation in STRING CHEESE INCIDENT, that might warrant truly fine muscians like BRUCE HORNSBY, BILL PAYNE & RICHIE HAYWARD, opening for them ... except perhaps money.  PHIL LESH & FRIENDS are being paid a whole lot of money ... as are CSNY, THE WHO, CELINE DION.  The world is ALL ABOUT MONEY.  When you return from Asgard & need to purchase some new biscuits to spin ... YOU'LL NEED MONEY.

For you to castigate PAUL & company for choosing to play the Bay Area's premier summer venue with SKYNYRD for Bill Graham Presents/CCE - OVER -  a fledgling promoter's first show at a new venue, I would say the manager made the right move.  There will be many potential new fans seeing the band, as well.

As for state fairs, ALL your heroes play fairs, so what's your beef chief?

As for playing The Fillmore ... uh, been there, done that.  I don't care how many times CRACKER (a great band) play The Fillmore, they & much of The Fillmore talent don't play sheds ... & don't headline Theatres & festivals, here & overseas.

The band hasn't played The Fillmore in recent years is because of conflicting shows like The Sausalito Arts Festival, and the band's unflappable desire to play a Fri. or Sat. because many of our fans work & have kids.  If you do neither, then I can better appreciate your extremely negative attitude.

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