A's v. Detroit

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Posted by kevin r schmidt on 04/14/02 - 12:54:23
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Its going to be a double-header for me on Aug 3rd.  The A's play Detroit on the 3rd.  The game should finish up around 4:00PM and then I can jam on down to Shoreline.  I'll be easy to spot on 880 because I'll be driving my world-famous [A]ttitudemobile.  At Shoreline just look for someone who looks like Christopher Reeves and is wearing an A's hat or joisey.  How anonymous can that be?  

Had no idea my attendance would be part of a soap opera drama.  I was just excited about Lynyrd Skynyrd playing in the Bay Area.  I really enjoy their blue collar sensibilities that runs counter to the condescending Silicon Valley dot.com/yuppie attitude in the Bay Area.  

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