'twas Lets Go Together from BATE

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Posted by Gerry on 04/13/02 - 12:54:18
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I'll take the liberty of replying for TDL who might still be catching some z's or taking care of business.  

JS performed "Lets Go Together" along with the other incredible songs from BATE.  Fantastic to hear those tunes live again.  Particularly enjoyed Sunrise, which I had not heard live since JS opened an awesome show that I saw in Chicago with it back in winter 1974.  Diana did a magnificent job with the soaring vocals in Sunrise, as well as in all the pieces. Fine work also from all the other band members.  I was wondering if Paul would put in the "well?" at the end of BATE, and he did.  The audience gave the band a standing ovation at the end of BATE in both shows.  Both shows were great and as usual it was great to see the other A-Deckers once again.

Hope you will be able to experience Lets Go Together at a show you catch, although the Westbury and BBKing shows are not designated BATEs shows.  Perhaps they will mix it in anyway.

See you and the other A-Deckers at BBKings!  

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