JS Road Trip Report: 4/12/02 Bodles Opera House

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Posted by twilight double leader on 04/13/02 - 05:28:19
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Roll call: Paul, Diana, Slick, Prarie and Chris
MIA: Marty

I got to the designated meeting spot of the JS3C around 5 to be greeted
by Mike E, John, and 160 empty chairs.  Not a good starting point.
There - on the window - was a large "JSAE with PK and MB" poster, with a
larger picture of the two.  Ohhh.  This really felt bad.  The third sign
- the large "Live Bait" sign across the street.  I thought I was on the
hook.  Two hours later, the place was packed with full tables, our
bellies were filled with wonderful food.  The boys (and girl) in the
band took to the stage for the first of the double header.  We were off
and running ...

Early Show:  Mt. Song, Wooden Ships, Eskimo Blue Day, Triad,Good
Shepherd, High Flying Bird, Hey Fredrick, Sketches of China (Up until
this point, the show smoked.  I leaned over to Gerry and remarked "Wow.
No flubs.  Great."  Less than a minute later, PK boots a verse in
Sketches.), Baby Tree, Let's Get Together, Child is Coming, BATE e: I'm
a Dreamer, Your Mind Has Left your Body
time 1:25+

Late Show: When the Earth Moves Again,DCBA-25,Lather,Blessings,High
Flying Bird,All Fly Away,Royal Canal,Hyperdrive,Baby Tree,Let's Get
Together, Child is Coming, BATE e:Greasy Heart,Fat Angel
time 1:20+

Please note the sets are getting shorter ... and filling with lots of "new" material. Some for the first time live, others back from extended vacation.  Both sets ran quickly with little patter between songs.  

As usual, lots of familiar faces were in attendence.  You'll be seeing those folks later today when the pictures get posted.  Seriously, many thanks for the Bodles staff for tolerating the demands of the meeting attendees.  They performed above the call of duty with prompt service and fantastic eats.  It'll be a severe challenge for the staff at the Elks club and other stops in the next two weeks (will you be there????) to top the hospitality.  If you missed tonight (where were you???) then come out to Keswick and BB Kings.  Bring an appetite.

Now go to bed :)

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