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Posted by STAY TRUE TO THE TRUTH FUNDAMENTALIST on 04/13/02 - 01:07:42
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Young's been knocking this idea around virtually since the birth of CD.

It's based on the concept that analogue captures the sound waves whereas digital merely samples them at so many millionths of a second. Therefore digital doesn't capture all of the sound.

Sounds a pretty good theory to me. I vastly prefer the "warmer groove" (fuzzier)sound of analogue vinyl to the cold clarity of digital CD - and there is no doubt that CD captures a greater range of sound.

Where Young's theory suffers is that the analogue recording method - especially if air-to-mic - will capture any other auditory polutant and any dilution of the sound by it being reflected off muiscal instruments, amps, speakers, walls, curtains, people,  trees, etc.

I bought most of the late 90s JA-JS-HT CD re-releases for the excellent Jeff Tamarkin liner notes but hated the sound. One comparison of "Wild Turkey" on my original vinyl to the abortion on CD was all it took to consign "BARK" to the bin and most of the others - unless they were actually replacing damaged vinyl - followed.
(Just where had Casady's bass gone to on "Wild Turkey"?)

Strangely enough, I thought that handful of late 80s Don Wardell/John Snyder-helmed CD re-releases had much more depth to them than the Paul Williams stuff - though Williams undoubtedly got a very clean sound.

One of the few things Young has said which actually make sense to me. One of the few things Young has been consistent about.

Oh, and the poor bastard still can't sing. (But then neither can Jorma!)

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