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Posted by Paul S. on 04/12/02 - 20:14:32
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Went to the hospital today to get results from my MRI. A friend of a fiend who works there told he saw a herniated disk and he was quite positive. Great I said , it's finally been diagnosed after 15 years. So I go see the actual doctor and she says everything is fine. Its muscular and I need to see a physical therapist to strengthen muscles. Needless to say I'm pissed and almost feel I'm back where I started though I have good drug now and I'm definately on the mend. But, I went straight down to radiology to order a copy of my MRI that I can get a second opinion on. Here is what I sent to PK regarding the DOANS DOUBLE DOSE and his original email he sent to me.  Paul Scannell wrote:

> Holy shit Paul...I did the whole lot(4) and it took ALOT of the edge off
> REAL FAST. (I drank about 3 and a half liters of water within an hour or so.
> TALK ABOUT TAKING THE PISS!!) Along with one hit of some tasty tea it
> rendered me into a rather odd yet pleasent state well being. And it loosened
> me up so little movements of the hips and such were'nt so excruciating.
> Though I'm still down, I assure you it did aleviate my suffering greatly. I
> almost felt like I had to ham it up at Highland hospital today to make sure
> I got the good stuff. Good news though, I finally got an MRI done after
> years with no insurance so maybe I can beat this thing. I got in through a
> my girlfriend Kara's co-workers husband. Got the meds the MRI...the works in
> record time. Of coarse this was after going to the West Oakland clinic
> waiting around all morning to finally see a doctor who kept asking
> repeatedly if I was a heroin addict and then gave me Motrin(Ibuprofen). I
> could have killed the bastard. Luckily all worked out.
>       Anyway I hope I caught you before you leave for the east coast. Have a
> great time and be safe.  PAUL
>       P.S. Have you got you GIANT scissors ready? Just tell 'em it's a carry
> on.  ;)

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