Neil Young's interview in USA Today

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Posted by Jim Brent on 04/12/02 - 11:20:17
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Interesting comments from Neil.  He attributes the decline in the record industry's fortunes to digital technology and still maintains vinyl (analog) is superior to even the highest resolution DVDs in sound.  The emphasis on music video, he says, has distracted the public from the growing lack of depth in music/content.  Digital, Young says, is like "telling Picasso he's done a great painting and saying let's fax it to the public."
Great points.  But I'd like to hear what music artists think about the paranoid music industry's attempt to get its stooges in Congress to crack down on home copying.  Don't those idiots remember that stupid 'home taping is killing music' campaign 20 years ago?   Stupid idea, then and now.

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