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Posted by carolyn on 04/12/02 - 10:22:29
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oliver on lymenet says that the street variety is filled with polutants, pesticides, ect.  the pharmicuetical thc is what he said is benifical , however someone else says it suppresses the immune system.  helped me deal with the pain and depression, however , the pain was so bad, they really should have given me narcotics to deal with it.  now it varies.  worse at night when i try to sleep.  my neuro wa sok with me somking it, but he was way undertreating me.  gave me a script for marinol - no effect.  i don't like sweets that much and never was someone who munched out while high, though i think my doc wishes i would.  i've dropped into the 90's, though i'm very small boned and was always a twig.  it's just so frustrating how much people with lyme - diagnosed and undiagnosed - suffer and how we have to fight for medical care and insurence co's quote outdated "scientific" material from bumsteere and his cohorts and they are the ones who get quoted in the media.

i know a lot of people with aids smoke pot to help cope with symptoms, and like us , they have comprimised immune systems, yet it does not seem to have a detrimental effect on their health, so i think this would support Oliver's viewpoint.

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