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Posted by E on 04/12/02 - 03:37:58
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I always think that, about Paul or Ron or others--but I never can do it.

Who is Juha---or was that a typo?  That ain't
Jahwah,  or hawhaj, is it?   Just kiddin'!!!  
I really wanted to know what you mean't by "Juha would be blown out".

I have done a million things today. Literally a million.  My relax moment was midnight.

I wanted to post earlier, that alcohol will also
encourage revelations, astute or disabled, as they may be.

Letterman.  YES....I DO consider him one of ME!

But if he is as you said, Amm., (Ashcroft, etc. did not see, though usually do), it does portend
a fearsome trend.   But he (Letterman) has been
sitting in the NYC hotseat since DAY 1.  SO......

I'm interested in our exchange, Mike.
I'll get back to ya after a bit---we're out of SF 4:00am Saturday, to NYC.

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