Bernard W. Mann , 1915-1970

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Posted by Ethel Mann on 04/11/02 - 03:26:35
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To A Young Man

Young man,
why have you entered my tired life
with your dream-filled eyes?

I pray you will understand
our adult barriers and needs
for butcher's twine and safety pins:
for rubber bands,
and all the costly kinds of glue,
with which we try to hold
our green world together.


Written for one of my poem musician/hippie friends whose parents could not tolerate his protest.  Barry was not yet independent,
so he lived for a while in his truck in my parents outdoor quad.  The flags posted in the back windows of his van caused the neighbors to frown at him.  And at my parents, as well.  

But my parents defended Barry's rights, and the neighbors wound up respecting the situation.
This is even though my father, himself, had some difficulty in coming to terms with my brother's long hair and beard, etc.   Just a little old-fashioned story for the evening.

Love to All,

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