wow Mike, you sure are chatty lately

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Posted by carolyn on 04/10/02 - 19:59:46
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did you get the provigil by mistake that my doc prescribed for me?  insurence nixed it.  I HATE MY INSURENCE CO.!

overtalkativeness is a symtom of lyme, common among lyme patients except all we want to talk about is lyme - even the quiet ones.  or the oppisite, we are so withdrawn and cognitively impaired, that we don't talk at all.

at first , i thought you were caring for a newborn, then it became clear you are caring for your mom.  alzhiemer patients can be harder to care for than babies.  when my mom was terminally ill with cancer, warminster general kept assigning her to rooms with alzhiemer patients and she could get no peace or sleep.  we ha dto keep requesting to have her moved.  do you have any help caring fo your mom?  you need a break too.  and it could be misdiagnosed lyme, you're never too old to get lymed.  might be worth a simple test from a good lab.  

i can remember berfore i could talk.  remember being in the hospital at 7 mos old (for suspected allergy to formula).  told my parents about the iron bars on the crib different from my crib at home.  and the little girl who i knew was dying in the bed nest to me.  my mom told me she had luekemia and was shocked i remembered.  but still they didn't completely believe i could remember that far back so i told them about a trip to Indiana when i was i yr old.  told them it was a light colored car , not the '62 rambler station wagon we got shortly after.  told them exactly how the play pen (used as a travel crib) was packed in the back seat.  something i wouldn't remember from them talking about it or remembered from photos.  babies are smart little devils!

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