In Hunger Of Improvisational Jam

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Posted by Buck on 04/10/02 - 10:22:27
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Hi Paul.............. I must speak up and say that  Slick has become more and more accomplished and the times he is free to jam, as in "Hearts", I'm transfixed and slip into a type of waking consciousness on the border of REM, especially when you and the whole band joins in. I know that you guys are not the Dead and maybe even strive to set yourself apart from them, but there have been times when JA and the current Jefferson Incarnation have delved into free form semi improvisational performing. Those moments are sublime and represent true living creativity. It is MAGIC and when the whole band is able to somehow tune into each other, maybe even operating on a semi telepathic level, the power of such creativity runs up my spine like electricity and warm sensual love. I would never suggest that you guys should do it to better your performance because it is already stellar, but I can only say that it enriches my live JS experience a hundred fold.

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