Food at B.B. King's

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Posted by Chris Hager on 04/10/02 - 10:17:17
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Kenny:  The food at B.B.'s is pretty good, but it is also expensive.  (Just a warning, in case that is a problem.)  The drinks aren't cheap, either.  On the other hand, we aren't talking about cheap snack items either, regardless of how tasty such fare may be.  There are appetizers, soups, main course entrees, and desserts, just like a full menu in a restaurant, albeit with fewer choices than most.  Main courses include Italian, beef, fish, and poultry, to name a few.  I would suggest checking out the clubs website at  On the home page, on the left side, there is a menu of items relating to the club, and one of them is the menu.  It's the restuarant menu (There is a restaurant in another part of the building.), not the club menu, but many of the items are the same, and it will give you a good idea of what to expect.  Cordially, Chris Hager

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