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Posted by Cricket on 04/10/02 - 08:49:16
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...for all of us, but esp. for Mike, Eth, & Donna(Yukiah) --
with love,

     OLD AGE
by Rolf Jacobsen  (trans. R. Bly)

I put a lot of stock in the old.
They sit looking at us and don't see us,
and have plenty with their own,
like fishermen along big rivers,
motionless as a stone
in the summer night.

I put a lot of stock in fishermen along big rivers
and old people and those who appear after a long illness.
They have something in their eyes
that you don't see much anymore
the old, like convalescents
whose feet are still not very sturdy under them
and pale foreheads as if after a fever.

The old
who so gradually become themselves once more
and so gradually break up
like smoke, no one notices it, they are gone
into sleep
and light.

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