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Posted by E on 04/10/02 - 02:57:58
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It's easy to play dumb games on a wagon loaded with corn.  Blake

The real decision would be which of your children you would like to be paid $25,000(riches)for, to contribute to the agenda, and be blessed by Allah at the same time. HOW CAN YOU LOSE? No offense to the real Allah.

May he please stand UP!


Armchair BS

Otherwise, we would IN the HEAVIEST agenda, like tons of people are, like it or not.

WE are the beneficiaries of SOMETHING
--like it or NOT.

But I won't pretend about my little feelings.  They are still real, even if they are part of an overall dumb game. These are the aspects of a community with which I am trying to relate as an authentic human being.  It's all I have to go on.

It's not much.  I'll grant you that.

Now THAT refers only to the games that people feel are so necessary.   That does not refer to hardly a soul in this community.  So let me just say that.

I LOVE it here, too.  WHERE ELSE?????????


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