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Posted by Cricket on 04/10/02 - 00:16:58
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Glad you dropped by.  As Eth said, several of us here had a great time with some of your/our Fulton kin @ Sweetwater last week & are looking forward to future parties & shows.

& yes, some of us are going to Webster.  I'm not sure of who's coming from your neck of the woods -- I know ben holden is, obviously, & I think C.B. Rollins & Dave & I'll bet Ron S. -- don't know who else; Eth, Ray, Liz, & I are flying out & driving from NYC (& because Ray's navigating, we believe we'll actually get there).  It'll be good to meet you.

Possible A-Deck/Fulton Info. Trading Summit:  We could share what we've learned about cow-tipping. wine headaches, and poltergeists posting as W7 -- Do you guys want to tell us the outcome of the consenting-goats discussion or perhaps some other topic we can't even imagine?

Look forward to meeting you, Kitt --

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