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Posted by Paul S. on 04/09/02 - 22:49:33
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I have thought of you from reading your posts. I hope I never get lyme. Tics are pretty plentiful out here. I was out along the coast a few weeks ago, got back in my car, and picked a tic off my head. It didn't bite me yet. My back pain is temporary, but it seems that Lyme really messes you up. I knew someone in NC that had it and I know they misdiagnosed it for many other things before they finally figured it out. So much for good insurance...I really hope you get those drugs you need and please take good care. Are you going to any of the JS shows coming up?? It's one of the best drugs going. Get ready east coast, cause the Jefferson Starship is gonna open up a can of rock-n-roll whoop-ass.

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