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Posted by Paul S. on 04/09/02 - 14:53:54
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Not much a chiropractor can do even if I had the bread. Swolen/bulging disc I think. Causes spasms. I just did the Doans trick....see what happens. Having no insurance sucks! I went and sat over at Highland Hospital in Oakland yesterday for 3 hrs. Lets put it this way...I was one of 3 white people there among probly 50 people. I told the nurse nicely after waiting for 3 hrs that sitting was not good and I was in extreme pain and needed to lye down. She told me : getting on my last nerve isn't gonna get you anywhere! I left. I don't honestly know if I wasn't a white boy I would have been treated differently but certainly don't think it would have hurt. Please don't call me a racist...I don't care what you are, if your an asshole your an asshole. That nurse was a fucking asshole!!

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