how about a chiropractor?

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Posted by carolyn on 04/09/02 - 13:29:02
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my back is supposed to hurt from the lyme, but it does not.  only when i dance enthusiastically for two hrs straight such as at the Maceo Parker concert.  paid for it big time the next day.  chiropractor told me i am in great shape, very flexable, especially for 41 and told me neck pain is from lyme and massage therapy to unknot the muscles from being drawn up in pain so long.  massage therapy may be a good idea for you if you've tensed up because of stress.  accupunture may help too, i haven't tried it yet, but people in my suppport group have had pain relief from it.  also, a muscle relaxant called zanaflex has eased some pain for me.  flexeral is similar.  oh, and work out with weights if you are able.  strengthing the muscles that supprt your spine will ease the stress on your bones.

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