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Posted by carolyn on 04/09/02 - 12:26:09
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i love sushi too, but i will not eat anything with suction cups!  my husband on the other hand loves octopus and squid.  both my husband and sun are avid carnivors.  my daughter is impossible to feed.  started her on solids when she was not quite 6 mos.  mixed some brest milk w/earths best baby cereal.  she stuck her fingers in it, diecorated the table w/it and even picked up the spoon and ate a spoonful.  i thought it went quite well!  then at eight months, she refused all solid food.  pediatrition (duck)  told me she only saw one other baby like that and that i should wean her from nursing immeadiatly.  what happens if i do that and she still won't eat solids?  called a friend w/three kids and she said they are much more relaxed out there and she will eat solids when she is ready.

my mother in law bragged to me in her annoying tone "well she loves my soup, dear".  at none months, we were over thier house, she was going to watch my daughter while we went out to dinner.  i walk in the kitchen while mum in law is feeding my daughter the soup that "she loves".  daughter is strapped to the highchair, mouth firmly closed while the lovely mum i law is trying to force the spoon in her mouth.  i can't say anything or the mum in law will through a rage to equal world war three.  pit bull in laws.  and my whole family being sick, our maf=jor med bills for which insurence ol=nly pays a fraction and my husbands buisiness almost going bankrupt (ok now) and i have no close family gave the l'enfant terreble pit bulls in law quite a bit of power.  they weren't good parents the first time around.

always a trauma after my daughter spent over night w/them.  fear of her carseat - mum in law did not seat belt it to the car and when she started driving it fell off the seat and she got hurt.  fear of baths, rufusal to eat chinese when she used to love it (called broccoli trees).  in-laws go out for chinses a lot.  now she does not like meat, but does not like any other source of proitien either.  being a sick mom w/kitchen that is really in no conditoin to cook in, does not make things easy.

latest is while daughter visiting, mum in law bought her nail polish in colors like ddragon lady red, smokey black, dark reddish shades and glittery dark grey. if an eleven yr old is going to wear nail polish, i think shades like yellow, lt blue, lt grn , shell pink are much more appropriate.  but i can't tell off the mum in law.  a few yrs ago while my daughter visited her at thier vacation home in the mountains, she lopped off 5 inches of my daughters hair w/out even asking me.  i had never cut it.  it was beautiful.  mum in law did a hack job.  told my daughter to not let her near her hair with sizzors.  next visit, she hacked more off.  all uneven.  daughter said she told her she was not aloud to cut her hair, but mum in law forcefully insisted.  not fun.

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