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Posted by Graham Shanks on 04/09/02 - 10:37:32
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Hi M.C.

The person with the dud disc was (is) me. I'll check it out again tonight but as I played it (well, tried to anyway) immediately after playing the other one I don't think it's in need of a clean. When the disc's inserted, the player just sits there for a while then comes up with the message "Insert Disc" or words to that effect (as I'm at work at the moment I can't be 100pc sure).

I'm not sure Adrian's foggy about what the original package was to contain (the accompanying letter does indicate that there is more stuff to come), I believe he's just passing on comments from some of the people in the UK (a number of us have our own little mailing network and some have expressed surprise about the contents.) Logically speaking tho', to get everything at once would make the rest of the year seem a bit of a let down.

Anyway, if you will confirm the address for return of the dud CD to me at the above e-mail address I'll post it off (providing it still doesn't work).

BTW the CD player/recorder is just over a week old and hasn't had any problems playing anything before.

BTW2, it's the 2nd disc - the one with the BvT out-takes

Thanks and awiting your reply with BATE-d breath (pun intended).



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