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Posted by E on 04/09/02 - 00:31:52
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I think Doug Moon tried to point you out to me at the Reno show.  But I wasn't sure who to approach or if it would be appropriate.  So sorry Ray and I missed meeting you---but I am sure we will have another opportunity, as we live near Berkeley.

Doug was explaining that you had a DAT of the show, right then.  Of course I am not the technical wizard of the century--but I KNEW it was a GOOD thing!!!!

I have Doug's video of the Sausalito show, and I would be happy to make copies for other deckers-
or maybe Doug would rather you ask Him.  But if you ask me it, you can't have it 'til late JUNE.

Welcome to the Deck!  I ordered some PIX of yours earlier.  Wonderful.  Thank you!   Eth

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