Out of the closet???  How about - Out of the storage locker!

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Posted by Bob D. on 04/09/02 - 00:05:13
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Yes, I have made the mountains be my home.  No longer in the Chicago area.  Selling a house and moving everything you own 2,000 miles is a major deal.  A lot of my stuff is still in storage until we build a new house this summmer to hold it all.  I missed the Hot Tuna Fall Tour for the first time in many years in order to make the move.  I have some of my gear unpacked and set up again and have started spinning shows.  And getting back on the road again recording - I just did the whole Spring Tour with Jorma and Jack.  And, the two JS shows last week.  Will be sending masters to tree "real soon".  So, yes, I missed a lot of shows and been off the lists since October - but I'm real happy I moved to California.  It's also been great meeting a lot of people at the West Coast shows that I've known for many years - but only by email and from trading tapes.

Science Officer Bob - on the Recording Deck - reporting up to the A-Deck - back online.

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