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Posted by Ethel Elizabeth Mann Todd on 04/08/02 - 23:35:46
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Do you just WANT to play this game, or was it REALLY you?   I asked you this before----when you FIRST came on-----'member?

Have you been apologizing?????   I hadn't realized that!   Have you apologized to The California Goombah?   Or Kevin Schmidt?  Or Robert Bellin?   All of whom I have considered in my imagination as the possible post person?

And the final thing is, your Mike name could easily be a sham, too!

I'm so much for real----and just like Christo---
have a hard enough time managing that!!!

This place is VIRTUAL enough for me, just by not SEEING people face to face!

But it's a free world.  Carry on!

And if you won't apologize, I WILL.
May all the innocent be blameless under dog.
And may dog guide my heart at all times..........

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