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Posted by Mission Control on 04/08/02 - 22:16:48
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Oddly, you are one out of over 100 members who seems foggy about the INITIAL JS3C salvo ... perhaps it's a local weather phenomenon.  The initial package contains the 2 CD set of original PERRO sessions & a show access laminate.

Membership DOES includes PK's PERRO book & original CD, to come later in the year ... along with other assorted treasure.  What fun would it be to send everything at once?  That would reduce the endeavor to mere commerce, with no mystery, imagination, seduction or fun.

As for your confederate with the bum disc ... it shall be promptly replaced when returned ... in consideration of the fact that EVERY disc has been PERSONALLY/QUALITY tested.  Perhaps the CD player in question requires a lense cleaning & nothing more.

Although Paul takes pride in being as hands on as possible, matters of this nature are eventually referred back to me, so it is my hope that I have provided satisfactory answers.  If not, feel free to email me privately.

Make ready to come about ...

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