Attn Paul: JS3C rumblings - beware of the restless natives!!

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Posted by Adrian on 04/08/02 - 21:57:51
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Seems like there's a few rumblings this side of the big pond about the JS3C stuff. It appears that a few people were under the impression that the initial package was the laminate, _3_ CDs and the PERRO book, and they're a little worried that they may have been short-changed...... I guess you maybe need to clarify things a little for their benefit.

Also, I know that at least one person in the UK has received a dud disk and was wondering what they had to do to get it sorted. Maybe it'd be a good idea if you let EVERYONE know here what they should do if this happens to them, just in case...



Prague???? - I'm still trying to work that one out!!!

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