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Posted by Cricket on 04/08/02 - 11:38:42
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[from the Winter 2001 "San Francisco Calling"]

"Transversing into Deeper Space and Extra-Virgin Sky in the innocent township of Falls Church, Virginia, near the capitol of empire, the band emerged into a charged atmosphere of extra-luminal capacity and gave a tantalizing preview of the ends that the band is prepared to go to next year."

From Eth et al.'s fab reports on Reno, & the testimony of my own two ears @ Sweetwater, I'd say this prediction's gonna come true many, many times over.

[Note to Paul: Please don't let the NATIONAL ENQUIRER take you away from us. I know they'll try. If they offer really big bucks, maybe you could just agree do their annual predictions-for-the-coming-year issue. Actually, I wish you would.]

But back to the Winter 2001 prophesy...

Engines warmed & ready for take-off!!!

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