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Posted by Cricket on 04/08/02 - 09:34:17
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A laughing Aaaaaahhh-ooooooo to you, too, da & trust me: I wouldn't think of tipping a wolf. The service is usually lousy.

p.s.   I read a fabulous book about wolves that you may know --
THE NINE-MILE WOLVES by Rick Bass -- One of the lines that stayed in memory, following a rather lengthy dip into blood'n-guts, was:  "A wolf is a killing machine."  Filed that one away as important info recall someday at the right moment.  

[Some time ago I was in the back country in the Sierras hiking alone & came upon two baby bear cubs.  I was so thrilled, I started to approach & it was several seconds before it dawned on me (striking real terror):  1) They're unlikely to be alone/ the mother must be very nearby; 2)  the one time they (adult bears) are TRULY dangerous -- i.e. will kill you straight-off -- is if they think their cubs are in danger. Man did I get out of there quickly...] So I promise I won't tip or even pet those 'cute" lil wolves...

A good day to you & all --

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