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Posted by John on 04/07/02 - 19:08:40
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one of the many highlights of the last few days for me was..Bob Daniels.
a man after my own heart..would rather set-up yet
another DAT machine with 2 min to show-time and
record a seperate, "funmix" just to see if it flys!
heck, who needs food and water anyway..overrated.

Bob was critical in the of documenting of J*S Reno!
provided 2 pro DAT machines, a consumer portable,
a mackie mixer, vintage stage mikes, all set-up,
blank DATS galore & miles of good cables & vibes.
we set up a expera-mental stereo matrix mix that
combined "on stage center, stereo-imaging mikes"
with a stereo matrix board feed, [not audence mix in any way]
and just for good measure, a straight board feed.
walked right over and gave a JS3C member a DAT
tape of the show to go with his video footage too.
the photos were iceing on the cake...THANKS BOB!!

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