Sit down, can't cry, oh lord I'm gonna die blues

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Posted by Paul S. on 04/07/02 - 15:38:47
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Maybe lay down would be more appropriate. Despite throwing my back out before we even left town, hobbling around like a hunchback Igor, I had a great time and glad I didn't pussy out and go home. KICK ASS DRUM SOLO. I could have watched him riff for a while. I never saw Prairie before, but he definately passed the Paul Scannell test, which I told him backstage was not an easy task. Hell of a nice guy too (rare combination.) Just before High Flyin'Bird PK mentioned they hadn't played in a while and to "bare with us". I said (15ft. away) "we're rootin' for ya Paul". Me and Ray recognized the chords immediately and we're quietly freaking!!!I had gotten up to go smoke a cigarette at the end of a song and making my way out of my seat and heard PK make that opening chord to HAVE YOU SEEN THE STARS TONIGHT and quikly turned back before I was even out of the row and sat my ass back down. Eth apologized to the people sitting next to them for me)thanks Eth, no fuckin'way I'm missing that. I got drunk for the first time this year(probly the last).Budweiser bad, very bad. So now I'm home, can barely walk, sit, or wipe myself for that matter. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ETH AND RAY FOR TAKING CARE OF MY ASS AND ENCOURAGING ME TO GO TO RENO WHEN I SHOULD HAVE WENT HOME. I don't have lots of friends(especially out here on the fontier) but you guys are tops. Cricket too. Thank you for the special delivery last night. I love you all and will never forget your kindness. I will now need 2 hands to count my real friends on. And of course, thanks to Knuckleberry, Snorkey, PK for listening to me babble, Diana, Slick, Chris, and Prairie. THough the music did not heal my broken body, it healed my spirit and soothed my soul. Hey, 2 out of 3 aint bad. Live fom Cripple Creek, PEACE

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