We Lit Out For Reno..

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Posted by Ethel  (Ray and Paul S.) on 04/06/02 - 22:09:14
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and we found
Somebody to Love.
Crown of Creation
All Fly Away
High Flying Bird
Greasy Heart
Wooden ships
Have You Seen the Stars Tonight
Blows Medly
White Rabbit
Other Side of this Life (Drum Solo)

Our band was in TOP form and spirit!
KB announced Marty's absence with nice style offering refunds if need be.  No one left.

It was a instant high to have Prairie on the
drums, and his solo was hot, and was the most full out one of any of the shows I've yet had  priviledge of attending. In Reno, with his wrap around sunglasses-it just fit-and he had great energy throughout the show!

Diana was warm with the audience, She was relaxed and sang with power and ease, expressing the lyric
at one point with a full on gesture of birth-giving! High Flying Bird soared way beyond here.
Ray and Paul S and I were in row 2 center left.
Contest winners with a 4 month old baby came in
front of us and sat down to stay---and the baby had no earplugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was worried sick for Diana (because I knew she would never make it with that)  As I was plotting
my next move, Diana and I locked eyes, and she gestured down from the stage sweetly to the family
and gently reminded them about the earplugs.
Someone popped out from elsewhere in the audience to provide some--but the baby was to little for that--and the sound was spectacular  FOR US---that is.   Quickly the parents decided to takes turns out out the room PHEW!!!!!!   DRAMA.
On we went.  Mind you the audience is about 400.

Chris seemed in especially rare form and was trading lots of experimental licks and passages on and off with Slick throughout the evening.  Especially notable in the lenghty, unpredictable,
unraveling of Have You Seen the Stars Tonight,
and the hot, hot encore number, Other Side of this Life.

As Diana explained later, these gambling venue audiences are not always the most attentive--to say the LEAST.   BUT this time they were---and Diana said to them late in the show--"Thank you, you are a very nice audince!"  It was a fine, fine evening.  I felt proud--that this large crowd of less than avid followers--had such a great time.

And Paul was the master of it all.  He seemed to provide a powerful canvas with his careful, but still extremely pointed and unpredicable comments.
It was funny to see his adept handling of this very opposite situation to that of Thursday's First Communion at the Sweetwater!

He spoke about the contention of religions in our world, by way of introducing Good Shepherd, as something he had "Come away with out of it all"
(Eth-memory-sorry, Paul)

Then before High Flyin'Bird, I'm pissed I can't exactly remember how it went, Paul K. probably won't help us, and Paul S. probably doesn't recall.  But Paul spoke something right-on, and Paul S. responded "rock-on Paul", and Paul's final comment was about ROOTS and STEMS------but it was fitting.  It stemmed from something---damn it.
ha ha  

Paul seemed to drink it in playing with dynamic power and energy.  Great, great fun was had by all.

(for those who Must know--and I will be placing
a Fashion post under Cricket's and Jeralds superb Sweetwater posts ---As Darby looked equally as notably beautiful on Thursday---as Diana did on Friday.)

Diana was dressed in a quite short, sleeveless,
dark purple velveteen dress with sheer black tights and knee high black boots. Very simple,
but the dress nearly matched the beauty of the person in it, the way the light shone on the fabric.  Diana looked very, very rested and fit as fit could be.  

Well this has been long---everyone was highly relaxed back stage...........good show.......

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