Another of M.C.'s inspired treasure hunts!

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Posted by Cricket on 04/06/02 - 18:49:28
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Well, I just had a great little afternoon jaunt retrieving your picks (thank you! --> it feels as if I've just signed up for a really fun class...)

For others trying to track down the 3 out-of-print books:

The author is George Alec Effinger --

The books ARE out of print, but Dark Carnival
bookstore has a few copies on hand of A FIRE IN THE SUN and WHEN GRAVITY FAILS; copies of THE EXILE KISS are available on a print-by-order basis -- so you still can get all 3...

They also have lots of copies of the Ender's trilogy (Orson Scott Card)

You can visit their site @
or call (510) 654-7323 (California)

Also tracked down the "hard to find & a bit pricey" box set... Full title = Round Town: Following Grandfather's Footsteps / A Night at the London Music Hall.  It's a Bear Family release, 106 tracks,  & comes with an annotated 12x12" hardbound book by Tony Barker -- you can order it by sending an email to Naomi, @

or call (510) 486-1880

Well, now on to some Saturday tasks that aren't quite so much fun...

Great post, M.C.  Hope you'll keep doing this from time to time...

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