brilliant drs at the mayo clinic

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Posted by carolyn on 04/06/02 - 12:57:26
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we all know is not a good place to go if you get lymed.  recently read that they have noticed that "fibromyalgia" seems to run in families and wonder if perhaps a bacteria is responsible.  lyme bacteria?  should take a couple more decades and lots of grant money to figure out what we all ready know.

just met a very stupid older woman in the library.  over heard her mention fibromyalgia.  asked her if she was told she had it.  she said yes.  i told her it did not exist, she has lyme.  she laughed and said no she did not have lyme , she has fibromyalgia.  i told her i have records and inch thick saying that is what i have when i had almost every lyme symptom you can have.  drs around here would rather hand you a prison or death sentence than dx lyme.  she laughed and assured me she does not have lyme.  she has fibromyalgia.  she knows other women who have fibromyalgia too.  and she never got the rash.  i told her 40 -60% don't get the rash.  but she was not listening.  i don't know why people would want to hang on the this dx of a nonexistant disease, suffer in so much pain, when they have something that is treatable.

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