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Posted by carolyn on 04/06/02 - 12:46:01
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i remeber you posted about headaches from red wine.  well since i talk to everyone about lyme, i discovered the exwife of a cousin of a friend of ours had lyme ten yrs ago.  she is a landscape artist and a fun party person.  her knee swelled up so her doc figured it out early on.  he even told her the deer ticks are so prevalent he found a deer tick in his desk drawer - and his practice is in the city.  she told me she ws so exhausted, she could not change the sheets on the bed and had to psych herself up to walk to the end of the block to meet her daughters kindergarten bus.  she said she told people how tired she ws from the lyme, but they don't understand.  a frequent reply is " i'm tired too".  

she says she's ok now, but i asked her some questions.  she is very sensitive to llights, but thought it was because she has pale blue eyes.  after kayaking, her wrists hurt a lot.  and she can no longer drink red wine!  i did not ask for details, but maybe it triggers headaches for her now.  she does not like abx, and if these symptoms are related to her past lyme infection, they are tolerable for her.  weird disease, does so many strange things to you.

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