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Posted by carolyn on 04/06/02 - 12:30:00
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strange thing is even when i was very sick while pregnant with my son, i could still ride my bike even just two days before i delivered.  couldn't walk well, but could ride my bike.  atheletic moms in the nieghborhood were amazed.  said they could not.  and music moves me, so even if i am dead exhausted, i can still dance.  except for a stretch in '98 when i rarely got out of bed or off the sofa.  think it kept me out of a wheelchair.  but the neck stuff and nerve pain keeps me from using my arms.

Maceo has been to the TLA a couple times recently.  can't believe we did not go out of our way to see him!  we were right in front.  listening to the cd's, the music is great.  hearing the sax and horns, vocals ect... right there, and wow!  they are super human.  not to be missed next time he's in town.  his son was impressive also.  may change some peoples idea of hip hop.

so your dad's one of THOSE!!!???  still practicing?  what kind?  does he belive in lyme disease?  willing to show my records to show what some drs are doing to people.  does he know any of the ducks that i have mentioned?  what does he think of these anti-christs?

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