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Posted by Jerald on 04/06/02 - 04:13:23
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Having carefully considered the general aspects from an altitude of 35,000 feet on the way home, and having previously sent individual messages to selected parties for gaffes in a minor key (noticeably important to me nonetheless), I am convinced that the veritable Garden of Eden remnants cling to me still.

Said goodbye to America.  Said hello to the Garden.  New meaning for me from a marvelous adventure.  

The Sweetwater shows were memorable in so many ways.  I don't get to many JS shows.  Hell, it's Iowa all over the place around here.  Probably couldn't get to enough JS shows anyway, no matter where I resided.  How I wish that all of them allowed the embracing invitation of this show in noble, safe, loving company as this one.  Like a true gathering of fans, of friends old and new.  Many smiles in pleasant greeting.  John at the board, with whom I'd love to have chatted for hours about music, recordings, fandom, this band.  Bob, the venerable and eminently nice, who initiated me into lay studies of the holy recording process and had given me my first JS DAT at a show in the wilds of Wisconsin a few years ago.  Marvelous fellow.  Did I mention that I got a hug from Darby?  David and Linda (genuine lurkers; ardent fans of encyclopedic JS knowledge), wonderful caring friends without whose patience and loving stewardship I'd never have navigated this magical alternate quantum Eden.  My hat is off to them.  David was kind beyond belief, particularly from a fellow with talents in photog/art to only give empathic responses for my having taken delightful photo ops in the early show with no film inserted.  Truly a gentleman.  Larry--marvelous laugh and mischievous eyes; very much want to party more with you!  Did I mention that I got to speak to Darby?  Hugely smiling?  Joyce, Lyen, Maria Teresa, Don, Paul, Liz, Ray and Eth.  All good company and well said.  Having failed to recall other names, for the moment, be assured that this was a lovely, loving crowd.  I hereby apologize to Cricket, owner of a beautiful smile and perky spirit, for my bungling the pizza pie brigade plans.  I owe you big-time for saving a table near the front and other things.  Sweet Holy Mother, I owe you for a pizza!  I cannot rest without making good on it, Cricket.  I saw your real name on that lam.  Thank you for your genuine hospitality.  I could see it in your eyes.  Make no mistake, friends in the fanclub, this a sharp lady.  Very intelligent, too.  Did I tell you that I got a hug from Darby?  Oh yeah, the band was good, too.

Had to laugh at Kantner's response to the heckler's comment referring to Grace--"an example of what happens when cousins marry."  More stupid was the fellow who marched away fom the entrance complaining loudly that he wasn't paying any $25 for a show with no Grace, no Marty.  I wish I'd have had the opportunity to buy him a ticket--maybe he could be converted.  Will never know.

Walking into Sweetwater made me think of a grown-up boomer saloon, like where you ought to have a reunion of the class from 35 years ago.  Attendance could have been as few as 25, the count being something like the number of folks sitting in front of us and also kind of left of the stage.  I felt right at home, communing in spirits with Our Blessed Lady of Margarita's Immaculate Conception.  Paid no attention to folks sitting behind us.  I was on a mission from god.  Perhaps I will make more friends in the music in future.  They just have to be in front of me.  I'm looking to see the Jeffersons, after all.  Oh, okay.  I was looking for any glimpse of Darby.  You knew that?  Did I tell you that Don took our picture together after the shows?  He knows.

I have never been to a venue where the Lady's Room was the Green Room.  Obviously, I have more to learn about Eden.  Especially after having to compose myself for entering the Men's Room only to encounter a lady.  Ms. Manners didn't have any chapter on that, as far as I know.  

How I missed introducing myself to the gentleman of video camera bearing with focus on the band and often of Darby, this will remain a mystery to me.

I got to speak to Chris and Mark and Darby (you knew that?) and not to Mr. Kantner.  Got his autograph.  Thank you, Ms. Gould.  I still remain in wonder about how to ask for Chris' autograph when in line for the Lady's Room, no Men's Room, all the while protecting said room from incursion whilst a real lady truly did not want to be interrupted.  Again.

Did I mention that the band was excellent in the first show and stellar in the second show?  Long a fan of Mr. Kantner, I just don't know where the fire came from to top the first show.  I wish that all available fans could have witnessed the passion of Darby's voice, especially in the second show.  She was incredible, monumental, another....

The lovely Cricketeer has provided the setlist.  The band can provide the fire.  You can provide the audience.  I urge you to see the Jefferson shows wherever toys are sold.  You will not be disappointed.

Me?  I am going to the Avalon Ballroom in June.  Intergenerational JS, as Mr. Kantner described it.  No more precious gems can be had.  Hijack a starship to get there!

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