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Posted by carolyn on 04/05/02 - 13:46:44
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amazing how cruel humans can be to each other.  killing a mother while she is holding her baby?

well i already learned first hand about such barbaric monsters.  some of them are in this country and have medical degrees.  i was literally at deaths door when i went to upenn drs.  the neuro-op that niemans refered to is grant t. liu.  i've nicknamed him leaping granty liu liu.  he loves children so much, he just wants to see thier mother dead.  he even works with children.  pretended to see "pebbles on the lenses" and leaped theatrically to the emty exam rm next door, then theatrically back chirping "oops wrong call".  said i did not have true double vision.  then why does he have two heads?  thought severe pain, encaphalitis headaches, severe insomnia, cognitive problems and difficulty talking were absolutely hilarius.  claimed in my records that he did a full neuro exam and it was normal.  where was i during that exam?  totally missed that i had a severe brain/cns lyme bacteria infection as well the malaria like parasitic infection babesia.  had it for 10 yrs with several reinfections.  said he considered cranial neuropathy but then decided no.  well, cranial neuropathy was correct.  could find nothing wrong with my eyes and no explanation for my vision problems and reccommended no further testing in my records.  recently had a brain spect scan done and now i have brain damage that may or may not be reversible.  upenn drs are so great, they teach other drs according to their commercials.  granty notes in my records that i was dissatisfied wit his answer. gee, why could that be.  his abuse was so bad, that i became suicidal after that visit.  less than a yr later, when i still could not get proper med treatment and could not stand the pain anymore, i impulsively tried to kill myself by swollowing everything in the medicine cabinate.  timing is the only reason i am still here.

the other clinician that niemans mentions in my records who did note i was having trouble controlling my eye muscles and reccommended further treatment for chronic lyme is dr. Robert Sergott at wills eye hospital.  he is a well respected neuro-opt that apparently niemans dismisses as a quack because he actually did a real medical exam.  dr sergott is not an expert in lyme, but he is an excellent eye dr w/an excellent reputation.  i saw him after months of abx treatment, and was much improved than when i saw granty liu liu.  i was not having near as many vision problems when i saw dr sergott.

the upenn internist i saw was peter l. schwartz in newtown pa. who was literally going to let me die from this because i since found out from another dr who knows him that he prides himself on beleving lyme does not exist.  your knee swells up and it goes away wether you get treatment or not.  so he ignored very serious symtoms (he's also a cardiologist and i had heart invovement by that time which he ignored).  he put lies in my records and faked a more accurate lyme test that i requested and told me it came back negative. if another dr din that practice did not finnally slip me some abx for what he said was a sinus infection , i don't think i would have made it. both still practicing medicine (or selective murder).

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