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Posted by Cricket on 04/05/02 - 12:30:50
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YES!!  I thought last night about what Christo said several months back in a post honoring Grace, Diana, & Darby, & commenting on each of their gifts.  
As I recall Christo said that Darby "BURNS HOT ALL THE TIME!" and just when you think she's got it in top gear, she suddenly drives it straight up two more --  Yeahhh!

Pardon the paraphrase, Christo. If I'm not interrupting a hug right this moment, thank that tree of yours for speaking so truly (through you, our resident Druid)...

It was a great joy to hear Darby last night & to look forward to seeing her again in June (PK added teasers: & maybe Signe, & maybe Grace...).  Meanwhile, here comes Diana... (again: Are we ever lucky! Everyone in this band -- fixtures & floaters --Amazing...)

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