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Posted by croakit on 04/05/02 - 11:14:07
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but not too tired yet TO post --

M.C. I love it when you take time to tell us what you're listening to & reading & watching.  I haven't heard Beth Orton, but thanks to you & Christo, will try to get those CD's today.

I love both the cooking shows you mentioned (also like Jamie Oliver's THE NAKED CHEF cookbook -- leaves lots of room for creative play & he & Bourdain are the only chefs I know who seem to pay attention to cost when considering ingredients & suggesting substitutes -- maybe it's their good solid working-class backgrounds).  I've given away at least five copies of Anthony Bourdain's KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL since it first came out (now out in paperback)-- even friends who've no interest in cooking or "the food scene" have laughed their heads off all the way through.  One complained insincerely that the book was "overflowing with testosterone" (true, and hey is that ever fun! -- definitely an over-the-top, take-no-prisoners attitude & writing style)...a rock'n roll chef if ever there was one--
     I'll check out your fiction recommendations..a lot of sitting in airport time coming up shortly.  I've been reading a beautifully written & often hilarious novel by Denis Johnson (he wrote "Jesus' Son" and "The Resuscitation of a Hanged Man", among others): "Already Dead: A California Gothic" -- Full of lost souls, dope dealers, witches, fugitives, horny cops -- [Two quick blurbs.  TIME said: "'Already Dead' offers just about everything that thriller buyers look for: drugs, booze, sex, murderous violence, a soupcon of the supernatural, and a large cast of enterprising psychopaths" -- That last line made me pause, since I'd meant to say that some of the characters'd fit right in with us here.  Two others: "a rare combination of beauty, terror, and comedy... Johnson has transformed himself into a Poe for the Mendocino set."

OK.  Must get moving. TV: I love the L&O shows, too.  Also am totally nuts about "Six Feet Under."

Thanks again, M.C.

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