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Posted by Cricket on 04/05/02 - 04:43:47
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Two incredible shows!  At one point, some of us just started turning to each other & saying how lucky we felt to be there...
Thank you, thank you: Paul, Darby, Slick, Chris, John & everyone else who put on the shows...

It was such a joy to hear you -- You were wonderful!!!

Longer version:

It's late & I won't be articulate, but here are the setlists.

Wooden Ships -- totally nailed it; great Slick solo
Good Shepherd -- awesome keyboards (Chris), another terrific Slick solo; great lead vocal by PK -- all vocals really sharp
Lawman -- Darby!!!  So much passion!  (especially fine closing verse)
All Fly Away -- again, beautiful in every respect: vocals, guitars (yet another amazing Slick solo), great keyboards
Shadowlands -- beautiful vocals again, & perfect finish (I'm sorry if you're starting to think there's overstatement in this report; I'm only telling the truth)
Love Has No Pride -- I was blown away by the expressiveness of Darby's voice -- an incredible range of feelings in this song
When the Earth Moves Again -- great surprise!  A delight.
Women Who Fly -- beautiful musical intro & then another phenomenal vocal by Darby (esp. the fierce"... don't give me wings and take away my sky") --  Terrific solos by both Chris & Slick on this. A couple tiny glitches (quickly righted) contributed to the relaxed & cozy "in your living-room" feel...
Hyperdrive -- Again, beautiful playing all round (PK's mike briefly out, alas), & another incredibly passionate vocal by Darby.
     It's really not my fault if the adjectives are getting redundant!
Baby Tree -- PK & Darby trade-off verses.  Really nicely done.
Let's Go Together -- again, some soaring vocals & beautiful playing by Slick, Chris, & PK -- a nice long finish to this song.

[Brief interlude, in which Paul announces that tonight we're on green alert because they couldn't find any terrorists.  He asks Chris for a D & a G#, and he & Darby start to sing Mao Mao Amerikon and suddenly notice that Slick's not onstage -- so they interrupt themselves to look for him -- he's offstage having a smoke & gets teased when he gets back. Stay tuned, revenge coming...]

Sunrise -- furious & beautiful
intro to Hijack
[at one point, walking behind where PK's sitting in his chair playing the opening bars of "Have You Seen the Stars Tonite", Slick takes his lighter & flicks on the flame just for a second behind Paul's head as he leaves the stage.  Very funny! PK didn't see.  orry to bust you, Slick, but it was too entertaining not to share] -- terrific keyboards on this, too.
Hijack -- great Paul & Darby vocals AGAIN
The Mountain Song (forgive me, but beautiful singing again, & some lovely, lyrical playing by Slick

[We were thrilled with the first, but this one was even better: band & audience looser, more relaxed, fluid, vocals stronger & louder]

I'm going to try economizing on the descriptions--

The Light -- outstanding (all)
The Mountain Song -- great PK vocal, another gorgeous guitar solo by Slick
Good Shepherd
[PK makes a joke @ wanting a tempo like "Keep on Rockin in the Free World"...Slick & Chris obligingly bounce up & down & go straight into...]
Lawman (even better than 1st set; Darby really let loose)
Triad -- perfect. (my note about her singing on this: "incredible, deep vibrato")  Am almost done here, promise... Another note about some beautiful, poignant playing on this by Slick
Sketches of China -- what a pleasure to hear this again & done so well
OK-- even I've had it with the descriptions: imagine the rest beautiful, passionate, & transcendent...

Good Shepherd
Love Has No Pride
The Baby Tree
Let's Go Together
Have You Seen the Stars Tonite
Hijack (gorgeous finish)

I'm still so happy & excited, I doubt I'm going to get much sleep.

Anyone considering traveling to upcoming shows: DO!  The band is magical, in top form, & holds nothing back...
Thank you again!

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