Country Joe's women songs

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Posted by Christo on 04/04/02 - 19:12:04
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Country Joe said he had 3 daughters and felt he wanted to celebrate women role models etc in song who deserved to be better known. He wrote one about...

Clara Barton who invented the American Red Cross,
Flora Nightingale - a big heroine of CJMs
I think he did one about Calamity Jane too
Plus he did a song about the army combat nurse, and he made darlin Dan the Rocket Man a female space captian - his mom on the wonderful Peace on Earth album. Plus he wrote Sexist Pig on the Paris Sessions.

Country Joe is right on! - and is a voice I would love to hear as a guest on a JS track. I could hear JS jam his Starship Ride from Superstitious Blues that he picks with Jerry Garcia. Saw CJM a coupla years back in London - he was storming!

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