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Posted by Paul S. on 04/04/02 - 14:42:23
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I love it all! The original, SVU and Criminal Intent. I thought the 1st episode of criminal intent which debuted shortly after 911 was one of the most violent and intense things I've seen on TV in ia long time. I thought that was odd seeing as the networks(Lawc and order specifically said they would tone down the violence after 911,glad they didn't. I've watched Law and Order  religously since the 80s. The Job with Denis Leary is a show I've been getting into but I think they may have cancelled it, seeing as I got fucked out my 2nd favorite show to weeks running. Too bad, it's funny as hell. It was on at 9:30 on ABC just before Law & Order. The stars were alighned briefly. PEACE

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