mix things up!  my answer for world peace

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Posted by carolyn on 04/04/02 - 12:54:56
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and people will be better looking also.

if you were half palastinian and half israeli, how do you decide your activites for the day?  do i throw rocks at them? or suicide bomb them?  hmmmm.  got to mull this over.

they have done studies rating attractiveness of faces of pure types , for example english royalty.  lots of inbreeding.  tend to have small beady close set eyes, long ill-shaped, pointy noses, thin lipped small mouths, ears that stick out and flat cheek bones. the woman tend to have dumpy bodies, wear frumpy clothes and silly hats.  be honest, is prince charles really such a great catch? would you sleep with him?

the pure types rated lowest on the attractiveness scale.  then they used computer imaging to blend the faces.  the more pure types blended into one, the more attractive they were rated.

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