Great Gift!    and      Have a Superb Show!

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Posted by E&R on 04/04/02 - 12:49:19
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Feel like I just won a contest!--ha ha

Really, we do need those great sounding music
selections. We will definately get them!
I just printed them out.

The only piks on there that I can say we already know about and really enjoy, are the Naked Chef
and A Cook's Tour!  Of course Ray NEVER misses them and I really enjoy them both, too.  The Naked Chef is so relaxed and casual, and the filming is art in itself. And the cook's tour is so authentic and unpredictable!   great!

Well, I know it's a big day.  Cricket and Eth will see you soon!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo that's for the whole band!

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