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Posted by carolyn on 04/04/02 - 12:41:38
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yep!  get tested for lyme.  everything and anything is not lyme, but first thing you should rule out if you live here.  i remember when i was in my twenties, i said to my husband "i have a headache and i never get headaches".  and he said that wasn't true, i often say i have a headache. i just didn't run to the medicine cabinate for every little thing. as some one who has kept getting lyme throughout my lifetime - your immune system i think can handle certain strains of lyme for yrs w/out major symptoms.  i have also taken some nasty falls and got hit head on in a chevette while not wearing my seatbelt.  seatbelts are a good idea.  i have constant headaches of various varietys all the time from lyme and the insomnia that accompanies it.  svere encephalitis headaches for a yr that upenn drs thought quite funny.  i cannot believe i walked arond in that much pain for so long.

my husband got lyme from a moskito bite 20 yrs ago and it caused such severe encephalitis headaches that he said if he had a gun he would have shot himself.  dx viral encephalitis.  a stomach virus brought back his lyme encephalitis headaches 2 yr ago.  but he does not have a headache all the time like i do.  his pcr is pos for lyme.  its hard for me to beleive since i feel so bad from lyme all the time and he is the one working (long hrs), getting kids off to school, looking after kids on weekends, and with the exception of laundry, does most of whatever housework gets done.  but he didn't get infected as many times as me and does not have babs.  my theory why there seems to be more woman with the more severe lyme disease is that it is a sexually transmitted disease, more so male to female than vise versa.  so all these yrs he has been reinfecting me with whatever strain he has.  why there are so many woman around here told they hae the nonexistant "fibromyalgia".

the headaches may also be caused by neuro toxins.  the 'chetes give off neuro toxins as they die off, hence , the herx.  you may have neuro toxins for other reasons.  the more chemicals you put in your body, the more poluted it becomes.  major partier in your youth?  you may want to try juice fasts, eliminating white bread, white rice and sugar from your diet. and consult a alternative dr about liver cleanse and herbs and vitamins.  watch it, because they can be quacks "ducks" too.  i know of a couple fakes cashing in on the trend.

get checked for lyme anyway.  Igenex lab is a good lab for testing - palo alto CA.  and mdl in mt laurel NJ, not as good but insurence pays.  log onto to www.lymenet.org for more lab and testing info.  you don't necessarily need to see a l.l.m.d. for testing. just a cooperative m.d., but they are even hard to find.  "no don't be rediculous, you don't have lyme!"

i'm also related to some drs and my kids went to school with the kids of drs.  i'm not impressed.

in fact, anat fiengolds daughter was in my daughters class from first grade through fourth grade and participated in "odessy of the mind also".   she is a "best of philly" pediatrics infectious disease specialist.  haven't sent her a congradulations card yet.

good luck!  things are bad out there.

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