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Posted by Mission Control on 04/04/02 - 11:51:32
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... listening to, (inspired by Christo's post below AND 36oz. of Kona coffee ... I'm talkin' 'bout the good stuff y'all!

1) Beth Orton's "Central Reservation"
2) Beth Orton's "Trailer Park"
***I've had these & her previous EP for a few years, but forgot I had them ... heard "CR" on NPR ... and like "WOW!"  For those interested, this 30 year old, 6' tall lass from Norfolk, England might best be described as Sandy Denny making records with Brian Eno at Willima Orbit's house.  Her songwriting echoes the wry, introspective (PK might call depressing) style forged by early Richard Thompson (not the crap he's spun out the past ten years or so).***  This may be an odd suggestion, but play "Galaxy of Emptiness," the last track on "Trailer Park" first ... THEN, let the CD start from track 1 ... I guarantee you'll be an ORTON addict.
3) "John Carpenter's Escape From New York" expanded sound track with dialogue.  The digital remaster corrected previous stereo positioning flaws.  Note:  If you gate scores/soundtracks ... or instrumental music ... this ain't for you!
4) Ravi Shankar's "Chants Of India" produced by George Harrison, who also plays all over it.  Note:  This ain't drivin' music - but it sure sounds beautiful at dinner or late at night.
5) "Round The Town" - the box set of 1950s London Music Hall songs.  This may be hard to find & a bit pricey, but well worth it.  Note:  This is the material that inspired Costello, McCartney, The Brothers Davies ... it's what their mums & dads listened to.  Anyone heard of George Fornby? No - well you should have.

1) Sadly, my favorite programme, A&E's "100 Centre St.," (Sidney Lumet's terrific drama) recently got the axe ... but amazingly I have found 2 wonderful shows in the time same slot.  They're Food Network's "The Naked Chef" and "Tony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour."  This may sound odd to some - but give 'em a shot!  Bloody brilliant mate - especially if you love food & travel.
2) "Enterprise" - as if anyone's surprised!
3) "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" with the delighfully creepy Vincent D'Onofrio, who really gets into the minds of those perps!  He's a cross between Columbo & Sherlock Holmes.
4) "Alias," (a guilty pleasure) on at the same time as #3 ... but that's what VCR's are for ... plus "CI" reruns on USA on Sat. nights!  Anyone who dug James Cameron's "True Lies" (look for the sequel next year) will love "Alias."
5) "Shackleton" starring Kenneth Branagh airs on A&E this Sunday ... by the folks that brung ya "Longitude" about which I've previously gushed.
The famed Antactic explorer's true story is more amazing than fiction.  Visitor's to NY's American Musem of Natural History may recall the wonderful Shackelton exhibit from 1999.

1-2) "Salt: A World History" by Mark Kurlansky who previously wrote "Cod & The Basque History of The World."  I though I knew a thing or two about a thing or two, until I read these books.
3-4) "Shadow of The Hegemon" by Orson Scott Card.  You needn't have read his original "Ender" trilogy to dig this ... but NEED to read "Ender's Shadow," which may just well GET you to read the trilogy if not ALL this award winning Mormon sci-fi master has written.
5) Speaking of sci-fi ... & in light of recent events ... there are three out of pront novels worth checking out if you've enjoyed previously enjoyed William Gibson's cyber-punk gestalt - AND you enjoy reading about North Africa & the Arab World.  They are "When Gravity Fails," "Fire Down Below" and my favorite "The Exile's Kiss."  As stated, they're out of print ... but very well worth fossiking for.

... off to work!

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