& what a cute little number!

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Posted by Cricket on 04/04/02 - 08:52:45
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(ahhh, I couldn't resist)
Congratulations, Christo!  I know you watched the skies for a very long time...So glad the LAM got to you before the pigeons did. (They are the original FYWDW3 birds, if you ask me.)

Also loved your reference to "The Prisoner" -- one of my all-time favorite series (just behind "The Singing Detective").

As for your question about where to take your LAM, I do hope you'll be checking online sites for last minute bargains on transatlantic flights; just last Sunday there was another round of sales announced for travel between 4/6 and 6/13 or so.

p.s. LOL re: your prize.  I humbly accept & we can all grow long-in-the-tooth together waiting for me to choose.

Congratulations & please to post a message for us in the JS3C star log -- ya?

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