I am a number!!!

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Posted by Christo on 04/04/02 - 06:13:32
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I am a number!!! And a free man!!! That's one better than Patric McGoohan!
My JS3C stuff arrived today :-)
Perhaps the first transpondian! Do I get a  prize. I nominate that my prize should be that Cricket gets the recording of her choice from the vaults :-)

other inspirations of late...
Flora Purim Sings Milton Nascimento (new and groovy)

1st 3 Alan Stivell albums on 2 CD set. Bye bye vinyl treasures - hello lovely new sound.

New Tomasz Stanko CD - Soul of Things (icy euro-jazz)

The Best of the Big Bopper (helloooo baaaaaby!) - great for the car.

now....which concert shall I use my laminate on?

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