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Posted by Ethel on 04/04/02 - 01:58:02
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Now Grace told many an original story that no woman before her had even come close to expressing.

And I might add that (imho) no woman has significantly deepened that effort, either.  Though I think that Grace's candor, poetry, and insight, opened the door for more women to express themselves more openly---as did Janis's passion open floodgates.

And the Airplane gave Grace the platform for that,
As Big Brother gave it to Janis.

Do they have the fantastic lifetime achievement grammy?  I think Grace should get it.  She's my hero.  She broke all kinds a ground.  But many forget.  And what women stands for THAT passion now?  I'll tell ya. Grace still stands for it, that's who.
WELL--it's a different time.  That was a ground-breaking cultural period where heros rose.
And they are still in the firmament.

Anyway, male and female artists will perform at the Sweetwater, and male and female fans will be there to drink it in!

A toast to the JS spring run!
A toast to Grace!
My love to Janis!
A toast to Darby!
A toast to Diana!

A toast to A-deck!
Thanks for your ever-patient ear friends, Eth.

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