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Posted by chirper on 04/03/02 - 22:24:17
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(& I think that may be all I can say!) Such a sweet message!  Thanks, Paul S. & Mike & all -- It was a fun way to learn a bit of film history (Pressburger's Hungarian, by the way.  No known vampire tendencies, Mike) & fate helped me out with a parking place right in front of Pacific Film Archive during my brief lunch break yesterday.

Thanks, M.C. for a great challenge!

p.s. non-sequitur to Paul S. since I've got your attn here: did you catch D-Slam's reference to the drum clinic Billy Cobham's going to hold this summer somewhere around San Mateo?  (It's in the Cobham review about an inch below this.) I can tell you where to get in touch with D-Slam, if you're interested.

Thanks again, everyone.  I'm soliciting M.C.'s help in selecting my prizes!

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